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Friday, January 18, 2013


I don’t know who he is… I’m just known his name, work and face... sometimes I feel he is the right person. But, I feel afraid to face it. Agh, it’s really hard for me to take a decision about it. I tell my mom about him. And she said she happy when I’m happy. She accepts and just say yes based on my decision…

I just said to that guy, just wait and give me times to think about this. This is my future life… it’s so suddenly when u come and ask me “will u marry me??”

“Errrmmmmm, I’m sorry. I can’t say yes or no now. Please wait me to discuss with my parents first.”

“Okay. I’ll be waiting for you”


When I ask my friend about this, more answers I get…..

“Hey, you don’t know him la….”

“Just give him a chance!”

“Why it’s so suddenly?? Did he know u to much? Did he can take care of you?”

“You should try first.”

Oh my God, Allah….

He says he want to go to my home in March with his father. So, I need to take a decision as soon as possible…

Yessss….. Of course I want to married! But, it’s so early la… I’m 23 years old end of the year… it’s so early?? I think No… My friends have 2 babies know...

Agh…. I’m still not having any decision. Just wait and see…

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